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We apologise for the delay…

You’ve probably been wondering “when’s the next instalment of the Celestina Christmas story going to be posted?” Well, it won’t be for a few days yet. And I’m sorry to keep you waiting. Life’s got very busy, with a lot … Continue reading

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My first Australian ancestor (Australia Day Challenge 2013)

This year’s challenge comes from Helen at From Helen V Smith’s Keyboard. She writes: “Your challenge… is to tell the story of your first Australian ancestor.” Now that does make it a challenge! Because the first-ever Australian in my family … Continue reading

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Family myths, cover-ups – what did Nicholas Delaney really do?

I’m researching my blog post for Twigs of Yore‘s Australia Day challenge. This year it’s about work. Shelley says: Choose someone who lived in Australia (preferably one of your ancestors) and tell us how they toiled. Your post should include: … Continue reading

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