Ancestors and relatives

Here are some of the people we write about in the book A Rebel Hand: Nicholas Delaney of 1798: From Ireland to Australia.

Ancestors and their families; a few of them have already been mentioned in this blog. Others will be in the future.

Nicholas Delaney and Elizabeth Bayly, his wife

Their eldest son John Delaney and his two wives, Ellen Gilligan and Mary Ann Grant, daughter of John Grant, the ‘Father of Hartley’

Their second son Thomas Delaney and his wife Lucy Simpson, daughter of John Simpson and Sarah Marshall, both convicts

Thomas and Sarah’s son Thomas (Tom) Delaney and his wife, Mary Maude Wilson, daughter of [Thomas] Robert Sandon Wilson (known as the’ Man of Mystery’) and Sarah Emma Henley (or Dicks) who was quite a mystery herself

Their children, including Laurence Thomas Delaney and Florence

From the non-Delaney side of my mother’s family, we’re looking at James Thomas Richards, another convict

James married Rebecca Harrington, who (as far as we know) had an assisted passage to Australia

Names I’m researching:

Bayly (Bayley, Bailey)



Delaney (Delany)

Gasketh (Gaskarth)




Hogarth (Hoggarth)




Owen (Owens)







5 Responses to Ancestors and relatives

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  4. Matthew Bateman-Graham says:

    My mother (Gwen Bateman nee Jones ) traced her lineage as:

    Matha Delaney (daughter of Nicholas and Elizabeth) married John Sheringham.
    Daughter: Elizabeth Ann Sheringham who married John Richards Summons (1856-1933)
    Married at St Stephen’s 1876.
    (John was the grandson of convict Edward Summers who arrived on the Third Fleet.(1791))
    Daughter of Elizabeth and John : Esma Leone Summons (1889-1948)
    Esma married Isaac Jones. son: Lloyd Jones. daughter: Gwen Jones.
    Gwen Jones married Peter Patrick Bateman (1948)
    Three sons: Phillip, Michael and Matthew (me). Daughter: Mary.

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