The Shoestring Genealogist: Find My Past offers

The Shoestring Genealogist is delighted to learn about some excellent offers from FindMyPast, available until the end of August.

If you’ve got a spare pound, euro or dollar, read on…

The UK version of FindMyPast is offering a month’s subscription for £1 (usually £9.95). But that’s not all. FMP Ireland also has a one-month special, for €1, and the Australia/NZ and US editions offer a month for $1. All these specials are available until just before midnight on 31 August.

Bootlaces. domain by creator Jonas Bergsten

Photo: public domain by Jonas Bergsten

I found out about these from the Lost Cousins newsletter and you can subscribe through the links there to support Peter Calver’s contribution to genealogy.

All these offers are for new or returning subscribers. Remember to cancel your order (in My Account) before your month is up if you don’t want to continue at the usual price.

Or you could take up another FMP offer – a one month World subscription (UK, Ireland, Australia, NZ, USA and Canada) for $5. It’s available up to just before midnight on Monday, 1 September. Just having the one subscription may be easier to manage if you don’t want the bother of cancelling several subs I got this information from Judy Webster’s site – thank you! Judy has news on other #NFHM2014 specials here.

The offer is from FMP Australia so you may have to find out if it’s available in other currencies. Does anyone know?

Read all about it

And there’s more!

You probably know that the UK edition of FMP gives you access to the British Newspaper Archive online. The BNA has 262 publications in its online archive, including four from what is now the Republic of Ireland. The largest number of pages date from 1860 to 1949.

If you don’t want to subscribe to FMP UK but would like a look at those newspapers, the BNA has an offer, too: a one month subscription for £1 (usual price: £9.95 per month). The offer is available up to and including Sunday, 24 August.

Go to their subscription page and enter the code AUGUSTOFFER. But remember to cancel your subscription before your month is up – go to the My Account section of their website.

Thank you to Claire Santry of Irish Genealogy News for this information.

And don’t forget – Australia’s Trove and Welsh Newspapers Online are always free.

I’m going to take up one of the FMP offers – how about you?

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A Rebel Hand is: about Nicholas Delaney, Irish rebel of 1798, transported as a convict to New South Wales, roadbuilder, innkeeper and farmer. My great-great-great grandfather. Other ancestors transported to Australia, like Sarah Marshall, John Simpson and James Thomas Richards, pop up as well. This blog's also about the historical background to their lives, in England, Ireland, and Australia. My respectable Welsh ancestors sometimes get a look in.
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  2. sharnwhite says:

    Hi Frances, I have nominated your blog for the zone Lovely Blog Award as it’s always been a favourite blog of mine. You’ll find the link along with a mention of your blog on my FamilyHistory4u blog. All the best, Sharn


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