National Family History Month

It’s August, so it’s in Australia and New Zealand. I’m looking forward to lots of great genealogy blog posts and social media snippets. (Tip: if you’re a Twitter genie like me, look for the hashtags #NFHM2014 or #NZHM14.)

AFHM 2014 events list

Yum, Aussie genealogy events!

Being on the wrong side of the puddle, I can’t take part in person, which is a shame. Have a look at the events on the NFHM home page (at the top left). There’s so much to choose from.

But wait a minute… what’s this? Online Events? Now that’s for me! Webinars, and a Hangout on Air with GeniAus, aka Jill Ball, on Monday , 4 August (will I be at work? Never mind, I’ll catch up later).

And there’s Shauna Hicks’s great idea, 31 Genealogy Activities for Researchers during National Family History Month. You can choose as many – or few – activities as you want, in whatever order you like. I’m tempted by no 19, ‘have another look at that brick wall – construct a time line of known facts and relook at everything.’ A fresh look is probably just what’s needed.

Shauna’s got suggestions for genealogy and family history societies, as well.

In fact, there’s no reason why those of us who are passionate about Australian genealogy but find ourselves on the wrong continent need to miss too much (except the events) if we use a bit of imagination.

So it’s a big hats off to the Australasian Federation of Family History Organisations, who got the whole idea up and running in 2006, when it was just a week long.

And, as ever, thank you to Shauna Hicks, the co-ordinator of NFHM.

Are you going to join in #NFHM2014?


About rebelhand

A Rebel Hand is: about Nicholas Delaney, Irish rebel of 1798, transported as a convict to New South Wales, roadbuilder, innkeeper and farmer. My great-great-great grandfather. Other ancestors transported to Australia, like Sarah Marshall, John Simpson and James Thomas Richards, pop up as well. This blog's also about the historical background to their lives, in England, Ireland, and Australia. My respectable Welsh ancestors sometimes get a look in.
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7 Responses to National Family History Month

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  2. cassmob says:

    I couldn’t make the hangout but I did look at the My Heritage surname list. Interesting to discover that I’m a rare breed… My Aussie Kunkels represent 0.3% of the total? dad always said that anyone with the name was related…not 100% accurate but very largely so.


  3. GeniAus says:

    You’re spot on – anyone can join in. I hope that some people from across the seas will join the GeniAus Hangout on Air tomorrow night.


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